September 2023

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Forget me not and A Garden of Delight, by Lynne Barlow

We were delighted to welcome back Dee and Nawal, for not just one dance day but two. The first was held in Sauchie and entitled Forget me Not. Nawal choreographed several dances during Covid, some quite contained, but others, including Big Bambou and Hang on Little Tomato, were livelier.

The second day was held in North Middleton, the venue where Kate and Katie teach. The day’s theme was A Garden of Delights, a variety of dances with different rhythm and speed. It would be difficult to choose my favourite dances, but Shetland Journey, a dance of three parts, each depicting the stages of life, was certainly one of them.

We CSCD teachers will have lots of new dances to share in our individual groups. Are you tempted to try a CSCD dance day? If so, please look on our website for other events in 2024.

Lynne on behalf of CSCD

“…I thoroughly enjoyed Dance Day. A different format of teaching with two teachers and dancing the dances 2 and 3 times each but one soon gets used to the way dances are taught. Found the teachers easy to understand and they were quite clear with their instruction. Was a little surprised that we repeated quite a few of the dances as the day went on. Overall I enjoyed the Day.”


“… I did enjoy the circle dance day at Sauchie. Such a lovely bunch of ladies, and delicious lunch. Good to learn some new dances, and to go over them a few times, so hopefully they sunk in!! …”

M x

July 2023

The beginnings of CSCD by Keryn Evely

Central Scotland Circle Dance was ‘born’ out of Strathendrick Circle Dance which itself came into being in 2001 (I believe).  However, circle dance had been happening in this part of Scotland a good 10 years beforehand. In 1990 Caroline Cuthbert was on a course at Findhorn with Anna Barton called Meditation in Movement. . . .

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April 2023

The Turn of the Tide with Joyce McAndrew

Joyce McAndrew Turn of the Tide
Photo: Maria Miller

I have come to circle dancing somewhat later in life and found that there is something special going on when holding hands to dance. I used to be a Dru yoga teacher and we were all about energy when we practised. The energy we create when dancing is subtle and I can feel the difference when we dance without holding hands.

I also think that this energy promotes a sense of friendship as it really is a very happy hour in our class in Kinross. It stimulates memory and co-ordination and the lovely thing is that anyone can do it.  I love the saying “No mistakes only variations!”

Lucille Henderson

October 2022

Razzmatazz with Sophia Hatch

Sophia & Keryn

We originally planned this event for October 2020, so from first approaching Sophia in 2018 and it coming to fruition it was a good 4 years in gestation!

Sophia explained that for her Razzmatazz just meant some of her favourite dances. So, we began with a set of Balkan dances. Sophia is known for her passion for traditional dances, introducing us to rhythms and instrumentation that are unusual to us.

Balkan dances can be exciting and Sophia gave us a taster of slower ones (Veceraj Sino), fast (Paidusko) and my favourite Çobankat. She also taught us step rhythms skilfully and patiently, and stayed in the centre so we could see her easily.

After a break we had a selection of the late June Watts’ dances. Again we had a mixture of fun/fast (Vivani), slow/meditative (Wahe Guru) with our feet rooted in the ‘Tree of Life’. There was also a special dance which we had ‘requested’. Sadly, Rachel Howell, who would have been dancing with us, had died very suddenly. She had asked that we dedicate a dance to her, preferably a flowing one with grapevines. I passed this request to Sophia who said a dance of June’s called ‘Bride’s Dance’ came to mind. Normally one for Imbolc, Sophia taught us the steps (music by Mozart) and all agreed it was a perfect choice. It was easy to picture Rachel dancing it alongside us.

Later that afternoon we did some repeats and a few new dances, one being Sophia’s own choreography ‘A Dancing Heart’. We finished the day with ‘May you always be carried by Love’ (Möge die Liebe), a very appropriate end.

Speaking for myself, and I believe most people there would agree, Sophia is an excellent teacher, a dancer described her as having a ‘bright energy and calm centeredness’. She gave us a good variety of dances, traditional and choreographed. Razzmatazz was worth the wait!

Keryn Evely

July 2022

June Watts

A letter from Esbjorn, June’s husband:

June Watts

June joined the completeness of herself in the spirit world on 8th July, at 10.10am in Motril hospital in Spain. She was 85 years and one month to the day.

She will now be dancing with us all, in spirit, whenever we do (just like she has been doing with the online workshops in the last few years). It is a celebration of her even though I have tears and pain when I think of not having her body with me anymore.

Please join with June, me, her 3 children, and 2 oldest grandchildren, in appreciation of nature, beauty, or a dance of your choosing.

If you wish to share memories, or how she has affected you, click this link. Please do not use the flower service in the link, instead look at the flowers or things in nature around you and June will be with you while you do that. If you wish to spend money, donate to planting trees or get a perennial flower, shrub, or tree where you live, or elsewhere.

I will take the time to share with you that I’m doing OK. I go through emotions as I’m writing and talking but I have connection in spirit and memories of 25 years. She has helped me learn so much about myself, life and the spirit/spiritual/energetic realities that I will cherish for the rest of my time. And she continues to do so from the place she is in now too (just by my side, and inside my body).

Her children and four grandchildren were with June and me via phone link. She was laughing during calls and I detected a nod and a smile as we were talking of how wonderful she is, our memories, and what she has meant for us during her last hour in her body.

With Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation of you all & what you have meant to June through her life,

June 2022

Summer weekend celebration led by Lilly Sell at St Andrews

We were excited to return to St Andrews after a 3-year gap and to welcome Lilly to lead our dancing.

We were certainly not disappointed.  Over the course of the weekend, we learned 20 amazing dances.  From the meditative dance Mandala, which means sacred circle; on to Hassapico Mozart, a Greek song based on Mozart’s Symphony No 40; and certainly not forgetting The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, which we all enjoyed immensely.

Nancy, who had not met Lilly before, said that it was rare to attend an event where every dance she wanted to teach.

Good food, lovey people and fantastic dances.  What more could anyone ask for? Lynne

Picture: Maria Miller
Picture: Maria Miller