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November 2019

Teachers’ Share Day, Alloa

News from the Stonehaven group

Last Thursday evening a group of us from Stonehaven Circle Dance went into Aberdeen to dance at the Unitarian Church as part of One World Week. This meant we were dancing for “a just, peaceful and sustainable world”.

We received a warm welcome and everyone was keen to try dancing. Throughout the evening we did a mix of dances to music from different parts of the world, including Canada, Armenia and South Africa. Moreover, it was brilliant to have experienced dancers from our group supporting the beginners who all said how much they enjoyed themselves. We hope to dance together again at some point in the future. In the meantime here are a couple of photos of our One World Week dance group!

Pictures: Pamela Affleck

October 2019

Paul Boizot, Gartmore

July 2019

Teachers’ Practice Day, Auchterarder

Invitation, by Dee Brown

Our circle is open, to whom you may well ask?
The answer is no riddle, it’s written in our past.
From early days of dancing in Findhorn’s sacred home
It travels across oceans from where new steps are born.

They find fresh feet and rhythms in dancers old and young.
All welcomed with unerring grace in rain, wind, snow and sun.
Where music stirs a memory and friendships new begin.
Sustained by hands held gently in an all-embracing ring.

We trip the light fantastic, we dance a ‘heilan fling’.
We ‘waltz’, we ‘jive’ and ‘tango’, we even do ‘our thing’.
Unbroken is our circle, until we part in peace.
Refreshed, revived and fortified by those who gently teach.

A Yemenite, a slip step, a grapevine leads us on
Through labyrinths of melody, or long-familiar song.
No matter if we ‘get it’, the tenth time or the first.
The object is inclusion and acceptance borne of trust.

Come join this dance called ‘circle’, we welcome all and one
In Cupar and St Andrews, where dancing equals fun.
Bring nothing but your precious self, a little time to spend
In the company of others whom you’ll very soon call ‘friend’.

June 2019

Circles of Sunshine, Anne-Lise Kryger, St Andrews

April 2019

Stonehaven Group Profile, by Pamela Affleck

Stonehaven Circle Dance started on 16th Jan 2019. Nine dancers supported us from Cupar, where I regularly dance. As a result, we started with a circle of 30 dancers. During our first term we’ve averaged 19 local dancers every week and we meet on Wednesday mornings with a tea/coffee break. We dance a variety of dances and are really still finding our feet as to what works best. Significantly, it was fun trying dances to see which ones fit and which we need to grow into!

The idea of starting a Dance group became more than just a passing fancy when I signed up for a training course run by Rose Cross, my teacher in Cupar. Six of us met up monthly, for a day of training. We learned, we laughed, we almost cried and we taught dances to an understanding group. Certainly, knowing that I had the support of Rose and the other teachers was a huge impetus in setting up my group.

When it came to publicity, I took Rose’s advice and, with the help of my friend Kirsteen, we put up posters around Stonehaven, delivered flyers, put a notice in the newspaper and talked to people. I also did a taster session at the church’s guild and took the opportunity to put a display in the library window.

However this still left the question of promoting the group on social media. Luckily I was taken under the wing of Central Scotland Circle Dance (CSCD). This association brings together 9 dance groups to promote circle dancing and organise events. So, coming under CSCD’s umbrella meant that my publicity included a reference to the CSCD website and Facebook page. As a result, anyone interested can find out more about Circle Dancing. Also, having the backing of the other CSCD teachers was a real boost too.

Stonehaven Circle dance is still in its early days and I’m pleased that it’s got off to a good start. Furthermore, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rose and the dancers and teachers who have supported me.

Thank you.

Pamela Affleck

March 2019

Returning to Light, Jeanette Whitford, Sauchie