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Dear dancing friends

Welcome to our video collection. As you will see we have a wide, rich selection of traditional dances and modern choreographies from various parts of the world.

Choreographed dances - Pamela Affleck

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for a central resource, to assist teachers in their quest to support dancers by keeping Circle Dance groups running, often using online methods – quite a learning curve for many of us.

We were also aware that individuals might feel isolated, needing to find a way to keep their dance practice going. Two of our committee, the mother and daughter team Rose Cross and Jenny Collins, have worked tirelessly to bring this collection together.

Our aim is to showcase a selection of varied choreographed dances, from established and emerging choreographers, developed under the Circle Dance umbrella. In addition, we aim to enable the practice of traditional dances which help us enter the psyche of cultures other than our own.

We are grateful to the teachers/choreographers who have given us permission to include their videos in our collection.  It is a truly generous act and we hope you will seek out those whose work you admire.

We hope individual dancers and groups will derive support from our collection. We trust that you will respect this resource, only using it for the purposes intended.

If you find our resource helpful, please feel free to ‘like’ or add a comment on our CSCD Facebook page.

With love and blessings in the dance.

Carol on behalf of the CSCD committee

“The videos on the website are a wonderful resource for teachers and dancers.”

Judy King (Shropshire), September 2020