Archive 2020

Welcome to our Archive from 2020, here you will find a collection of pictures, videos, articles and other dance media.

Archive 2020 – Lockdown centrepieces from our dancers

Archive 2020 Centrepiece
Picture: Marie Sproule
Archive 2020 Centrepiece
Pictures: Marie Sproule
Archive 2020 Centrepiece
Picture: Maureen Oswald
Archive 2020 Centrepiece
Picture: Sheena Mathers

Adieu to 2020 – Poem by Dee Brown

We dancers shared this year of years
With laughter, fear and, yes, some tears.
But dance we did with mind and soul
Through rainbow’s arc and fields of gold.

Our circles kept us joined and safe
While ‘staying home’, each in their place.
A roof, a bed, a larder stocked.
How lucky we, while others worked.

They kept us fed, they kept us warm
Delivered news through calm or storm.
The postman, grocer, medic came
To heal, connect and life sustain.

And though our circles seldom met.
No hand was held, nor warm hug felt.
Kind greetings went, alas, unspoken.
Our bond, through dance, remains unbroken.

So, dancing friends both far and near
To offer comfort, hope and cheer
This message climbs o’er Largo Law,
Through Teasses Wood to reach you all.

The waves will crash, the trees will bud.
The birdsong rise, the air to flood
Through skies that mark deep winter’s flow
To verdant spring on land below.

Sleep softly in your cosy bed.
Walk gently through what lies ahead.
Bring kindness home to hand and heart
Until no more we are apart.